Gyms, Box, Sports Club

for you who promote health through sport and for you who chose to host Redefining Running: Threequilibrium offers you the opportunity to join Redefining Running for free

How to join?

Contact us here, and specify - name of your business, where it is located, how many square meters you have at your disposal and when you would like to host the seminar.
We will contact you within 24 hours and, if you qualify, your participation to the workshop will be free of charge on reaching 20 participants

You are not sure? You must think about it?

You can think about it, but don't be late, because the first host gains the exclusive on Redefining Running for their city. There will never be other seminars/workshops in competitive gyms, boxes or sports clubs. Guaranteed.

If you choose to become the first host, you will be the only one in your city who can host Redefining Running  again, and you will become the local reference point for the scientific approach on running.

Apply now, sooner than your competitors! Contact us
The future of running can pass through your business!


Special thanks to the following companies for their contribution on the growth of Redefining Running